At Center for Purposeful Leadership (CPL), we support leaders and organizations in creating thriving cultures based on purpose, trust, and collaboration by offering solutions that work for problems that matter.

Since our founding in 1995, we have assisted thousands of clients in transforming themselves and their organizations, reaching the cutting edge of leadership, through our unique and highly effective trainings, coaching, customized programs and consultation services. Problems are solved; new ways of being discovered. We teach principles and practices for discovering purpose, engaging staff and exploring personal transformation to resolve the challenges that keep leaders up at night.

2011, berrett-koehler publishing

2011, berrett-koehler publishing

Responding to an ever-increasing need around the world for a reliable way to discover and develop a shared sense of purpose, the founders of CPL created a methodology and corresponding book called The Art of Convening (AoC), which have been utilized by thousands of organizational leaders in hundreds of companies all over the globe. The user-friendly 9-step AoC process empowers those who employ it to access the highest potential from themselves and any meeting or engagement, no matter the number of people.

Take a positive step forward in your leadership today: get your copy of the AoC book and work with us to make your greatest purpose and potential become reality. Contact us today.

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The Power of Purpose, Richard Leider
Community: The Structure of Belonging, Peter Block
World Café, Juanita Brown and David Isaacs
The Power of Collective Wisdom, Alan Briskin
The ASTD Management Development Handbook: Innovation for Today's Manager, Lisa Haneberg and Sharlyn J. Lauby


I have had the good fortune to spend time at CPL events where we hear interesting things, from smart, engaging people.  As a senior interior designer at a local architecture and design firm, CPL events offer a unique opportunity to engage with professionals from a myriad of backgrounds in an open and genuine way. Knowing that we are not alone is daunting and encouraging – very much like the discussion at each event.  
-CPL Client, Architectural Industry