Feb 5, 19, Mar 5, 19, Apr 2, 16, 30
6:00pm-8:00pm Central US World Clock

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Partner Pairs

Brian   Brian Kurtz, The Kurtz Group, 973-723-3334
Sneha    Sneha Singh, WAFA Water Air Food Awards, 763-221-6564

Beth   Beth Gerber, Timeless Today, 415-847-6242
Joe Joe Davis, The Poetic Diaspora, H-Cubed, 701-721-1935

Sherry   Sherry Weinstein, Timeless Today, 805-300-9451
Diane Rev. Diane Ford, Lincroft Presbyterian Church, 917-428-9922

Sarah Sarah Storey, Black Oak Casino Resort, 209.928.9311
Patricia  Patricia Neal, CPL, 612-889-5812

Kiron   Rev. Kiron Dawkins, WestCOP, 914-619-7853
Jonathan Jonathan Brown, Public Allies Twin Cities, 612.772.7624

Daniela Daniela Plattner, Daniela Plattner Inc., 646 884 2614
Craig     Craig Neal, CPL, 612-889-5812

Session 1: Terry Chapman


convening wheel: 9 steps to collaboration

1. Engaging the Whole Mind Whole Person
2. Exploring the synergy of Art of Convening and On-Purpose Leadership
3. Acting through the power of purpose in action


√ Application of your Case Study with a powerful outcome

√ Enhance your collaborative learning and application skills

√ Learn and practice behavior change methods

√ Transform dialogic and engagement applications

√ Integrate convening skills with personal development

√ Create positive outcomes in each engagement

√ Learn and apply culture change methodologies

√ Learn new ways to be and lead

√ Convener Certification diploma


√ Pre and Post Assessments

√ Learn and apply the 9 Steps to Collaboration 

√ Creation of Learning Reports

√ Advance teachings: Stringing the Beads, Council Process

√ The Convening Wheel updated

√ Guest Conversation Starters

√ Working with organizational Case Studies

√ Learn and apply Wisdom Circles

√ Peer coaching

√ One-on-one coaching with Craig