Mar 14, 28, Apr 11, 25, May 9, 23, Jun 6

9:00-11:00am Central US World Clock

Participant Partner Pairs

Tom   Tom Atkinson
Julia  Julia Łaszkiewicz

Wei    Wei Ren
Lily    Li Yang

Jessy   zhang zhuo ya
Coco   ke zhao

Lisa     Fuhong Hou   
Chris   Chris Huang

Hans   Hans Rawat
Tom    Tom Mc Steen

Steven  Steven Kowalski  
Rasheed     Rasheed Harris              

Craig Neal
Patricia Neal


convening wheel:  9 steps to collaboration

1. Engaging the Whole Mind Whole Person
2. Exploring the synergy of Art of Convening and On-Purpose Leadership
3. Acting through the power of purpose in action


√ Application of your Case Study with a powerful outcome

√ Enhance your collaborative learning and application skills

√ Learn and practice behavior change methods

√ Transform dialogic and engagement applications

√ Integrate convening skills with personal development

√ Create positive outcomes in each engagement

√ Learn and apply culture change methodologies

√ Learn new ways to be and lead

√ Convener Certification diploma


√ Pre and Post Assessments

√ Learn and apply the 9 Steps to Collaboration 

√ Creation of Learning Reports

√ Advance teachings: Stringing the Beads, Council Process

√ The Convening Wheel updated

√ Guest Conversation Starters

√ Working with organizational Case Studies

√ Learn and apply Wisdom Circles

√ Peer coaching

√ One-on-one coaching with Craig