1st Training to Learn and Teach the Core AoC Training

Dec 6, 20, Jan 3, 17, 31, Feb 14, 28, Mar 14

Thursdays, 8 2.5-hour Zoom Sessions
6:00pm-8:30pm Central US

All sessions are live and interactive, use the Zoom virtual platform, and are recorded for post-session viewing.

Learn to Teach the Core AoC Training

It is time to bring the AoC to your world in new ways!

Join the ranks of a worldwide community of conveners now as a Certified Trainer, and start discovering how the skills taught in this training help participants transform relationships, meetings and lives—and enable your organization or community to achieve sustainable results.  

In the Train the Trainer Certification you will learn to deliver the step-by-step process and methodology of the Core Training.

Training at a Glance

This 8-session virtual Zoom-based series is focused on learning, practicing and delivering the latest AoC in a collaborative cohort with other AoC grads.

  • You will learn how to convene and teach the updated Core Art of Convening Training using step-by-step scripts and materials (various formats available).

  • You will bring your purpose alive as a convener in a cohort with other AoC grads.

  • You will be certified to deliver a core AoC Training as a powerful tool for your team, client or community.

  • Review and identify areas where you need additional help on your own mastery of the skills.

  • Prepare appropriate personal examples and exercises.

  • Develop a personal action plan for next steps.

  • You will have access to all Trainer resources (see below).

Who is this Training for?

All Graduates of an Art of Convening Training.


Online library of trainer tools and resources.


Trainer conversation filled with useful tips, news, and reminders to help you maintain and expand what you learned in certification.


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convening wheel: 9 steps to collaboration



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  • 9 Steps to Engagement and Collaboration

  • Your Purpose Manifesto

  • Hearing All the Voices

  • Virtual Meetings Skills

  • Convening Wheel Enhanced: Principles, Challenges, Essential Questions

  • Principles of Conversation & Convening

  • Design Principles

  • Connect to Lead: the latest brain science

  • Building Trust: Creating Environments of Mutual Trust and Respect

  • What Does Mastery Mean?

Tools you are certified to teach and share:

  • Course scripts and curriculum for the Core Training

  • Convening Wheel principles, challenges and application

  • Convening Design Worksheet

  • Transition exercises

  • Council Process

  • Stringing the beads: Hearing all the voices

  • Principles of Conversation

  • Principles of Convening

  • Design Principles

  • Zoom platform training

$995.00 by 11/15

$795.00 early bird by 10/15
or 8 payments of $100

20% discount for Graduates of AoC Certification or 2017-2018 Grad Journey


 craig neal

craig neal

 Patricia Neal

Patricia Neal

AoC Graduate trainings enable a deeper exploration of who we are in our humanity, and as conveners. Mastering the medium is important for any art, and the Art of Convening is no different.
— Cindy Wold, Wold Wide Web, co-author, The Art of Convening book, convener, writer

In my first convening class, I was oriented to the Art of Convening, a valuable framework for authentic conversation. Grad trainings truly take AoC to the next level.  You will find your true voice, learn to engage in a more purposeful way, and mature your inner game of leadership.
— Kim Kristenson-Lee, Labyrinth Leadership, Organization Effectiveness and Talent Renewal
These virtual courses offer amazing structure as they work with great heart and mind transforming us to be more aware and self-confident in all of our engagements.
— Gloria Wallace
We unlock meeting potential with holistic planning, mindful practice and positive impact. As leader-convener,  I am everyday authentically engaging others to gets things done easier, faster, better, together. Thank you Craig and Patricia!”
— Betsy Bailey, President-elect; Association of Training and Development, Greater Twin Cities Chapter (ATD-GTC)
For the leader wanting engagement and participation from their team at meetings, the Art of Convening is the place for you. You will explore, build on and refine your convening skills. Make your meetings the ones everyone wants to attend.
— John A Wood, Founder and former Chairman and CEO of Fleetwood Corporation Ltd - Australia