Oct 10, 24, Nov 7, 21,
Dec 5, 21, Jan 2, 16

8:00-10:30am Central US

Unlocking your purpose to lead

Now, more than ever, safe and generative spaces are needed for the conversations that matter that create transformative outcomes.

We are the ones to convene them in our families, communities and organizations.

Explore the art, science and application of convening and purpose to transform the way people meet and gather in your world. This 8-session virtual Zoom-based series is focused on unlocking your unique purpose and then fully expressing it with others as a powerful convener. Through advanced convening practices and principles, you will bring your practice alive in a shared cohort with other AoC grads.

  • You will be equipped to catalyze purpose-filled whole person experiences.*

  • Our unique combination of physical and intellectual resources has been validated over 15 years of successful teaching and training.

  • Explore the "dark side" of convening: We’ll dig into your challenges, stuck places, or whatever keeps you from your full convening expression.

  • Certification with a powerful Tool Kit for living and leading as a convening leader in your daily work or practice.

  • Learn and practice In a collaborative, co-convened space, with accomplished AoC Grads, and guest mentors and guides.

Who is this for?

If you are passionate to create and convene safe and generative spaces for the sake of a positive future, then join me on the Master Certification Series for AoC Graduates.

Grads work and live all over the world -- the Zoom virtual video platform allows wide access and intimacy for these 8 2.5-hour Zoom sessions. Why 8? We really want to dive in with you and get to the juice and joy of convening.

Let's take deep dive together to learn and practice the full power of what we can create together.

* Tools you are certified to share/apply:

Convening Wheel principles, challenges and application
Convening Design Worksheet
Transition exercises
Council Process
Stringing the beads- Hearing all the voices
Principles of Conversation
Principles of Convening
Design Principles
Zoom platform training




  • 9 Steps to Engagement and Collaboration
  • Your Purpose Manifesto
  • Hearing All the Voices
  • Virtual Meetings Skills
  • Convening Wheel Enhanced: Principles, Challenges, Essential Questions
  • Principles of Conversation & Convening
  • Design Principles
  • Connect to Lead: the latest brain science
  • Building Trust: Creating Environments of Mutual Trust and Respect
  • What Does Mastery Mean?


Session 1: Overview and Application

Session 2: Creating Safe Spaces

Session 3: Wisdom Processes

Session 4: Your Purpose in Action
The Power of the Pause

Session 5: Your Purpose in Action
Building Trust

Session 6: Your Purpose in Action
Holding Paradox & Disruption

Session 7: Your Purpose in Action

Session 8: Synthesis

Prerequisite: Any Art of Convening Core Training

$1,095.00 by 9/15
$995.00 by 8/15
$895.00 by 7/15

[20% discount for Graduates of AoC Certification or Fall 2017 Grad Journey]


 craig neal

craig neal

 Patricia Neal

Patricia Neal



√ Application of your Case Study

√ Enhance your collaborative learning and application skills

√ Learn and practice behavior change methods

√ Transform dialogic and engagement applications

√ Integrate convening skills with personal development

√ Create positive outcomes in each engagement

√ Learn and apply culture change methodologies

√ Learn new ways to be and lead

√ Convener Certification diploma


√ Pre and Post Assessments

√ Learn and apply the 9 Steps to Collaboration 

√ Creation of Learning Reports

√ Advance teachings: Stringing the Beads, Council Process

√ The Convening Wheel updated

√ Guest Conversation Starters

√ Working with organizational Case Studies

√ Peer coaching

√ One-on-one coaching with Craig

The AoC Graduate Journey enables a deeper exploration of who we are in our humanity, and as conveners. Mastering the medium is important for any art, and the Art of Convening is no different.
— Cindy Wold, Wold Wide Web, co-author, The Art of Convening book, convener, writer
This virtual course offers amazing structure as it works with great heart and mind transforming us to be more aware and self-confident in all of our engagements.
— Gloria Wallace
We unlock meeting potential with holistic planning, mindful practice and positive impact. As leader-convener,  I am everyday authentically engaging others to gets things done easier, faster, better, together. Thank you Craig and Patricia!”
— Betsy Bailey, President-elect; Association of Training and Development, Greater Twin Cities Chapter (ATD-GTC)


    convening wheel:  9 steps to collaboration

I recommend the Grad Journey for anyone who wants to practice leading from a place of purpose!  In my first convening class, I was oriented to the Art of Convening, a valuable framework for authentic conversation.  The grad journey truly takes AoC to the next level.  In it, you will find your true voice, learn to engage in a more purposeful way, and mature your inner game of leadership.
— Kim Kristenson-Lee, Labyrinth Leadership, Organization Effectiveness and Talent Renewal
For the leader wanting engagement and participation from their team at meetings the ‘Graduate Journey’ is the place for you. On that short journey you will explore, build on and refine your convening skills. Make your meetings the ones everyone wants to attend.
— John A Wood, Founder and former Chairman and CEO of Fleetwood Corporation Ltd - Australia


Oct 10, 24, Nov 7, 21, Dec 5, 21, Jan 2, 16
8:00am-10:30am Central US  World Clock

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