All training cohorts are live and interactive.

Learn the art and science of designing and convening meetings that matter and work to grow your leadership and express your purpose.

Meetings and conversations are the lifeblood of any organization. The Art of Convening (AoC) teaches the 9 Steps to Collaboration: the art and science of putting your purpose into action to design and lead meetings and conversations that are inspirational, productive and transformative.

Over 25+ years of convening, we've learned that meetings don't have to be a waste of time, whether virtual or in-person. 15 years ago we pioneered the virtual Art of Convening Training to prove it.

Unleash your EQ to Accelerate Your Growth:
People don’t quit jobs, they quit managers. By becoming a better leader you increase your chances of keeping good people and inspiring them to their best contribution.

Take Back Your Time: If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to take a course on leadership,” then the best thing you could do is take this course. You’ll learn the operating system that will make you more effective in everything you do.

It Starts with You: Learn how the skills of inner game of being a convener can shift the culture of your team, department or organization to full-on commitment. You have to invest in your own development as a leader to continue to contribute for positive impact and outcomes.

A Lasting Impact: Truly great leaders help the people they lead reach their full potential. You know that leader that changed the course of your life? What if you could be that leader for someone else?

Each step is a journey into personal and professional learning and application of the technology of relationships.


Sep 10, 24, Oct 8, 22, Nov 5, 19, Dec 3
Tuesdays 6:00-8:00pm Central US    Time Converter

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9 steps to collaboration

- All sessions are live and highly participative, use the Zoom virtual platform, and are recorded for post-session viewing -


Session 1: At the Heart of the Matter, Intent: Introduction, Overview, Leadership Challenge, Your Case Study

Session 2: Invitation, Context, "Webside Manner"

Session 3: Creating Safe Spaces, Hearing All the Voices, Your Case Study, Holding Paradox and Disruption

Session 4: Your Purpose in Action: Essential Conversation, Creation, Case Study presentations

Session 5: Your Purpose in Action, Case Study presentations

Session 6: Your Purpose in Action, Case Study presentations

Session 7: Your Purpose in Action: Case Study presentations
Synthesis, Commitment to Action


What you can expect to get out of this Training

√ LEARNING: You will be part of a collaborative learning community of other professionals dedicated to supporting your work in the world sharing best practices and practical learnings.

√ KNOWLEDGE & PRACTICE: You will gain a solid foundation in Convening principles & practices required to become a confident Convener both virtually and in-person. You will have a clear understanding how to apply the nine Aspects of the Convening Wheel as a practical pathway to bring authentic engagement to the meetings, gatherings and conversations you lead.

√ INTEGRATION: You will have a greater sense of how to integrate your inner journey with your role as leader/Convener and inspired catalyst for change in your life and work.

√ INFLUENCE: You will increase your capacity to step out into the world in a more powerful way to inspire maximum creativity and innovation. Build new “muscles” of listening, collaboration, leadership.

√ NEW LEADERSHIP CAPACITY: Leadership is an inside game. Learn the foundations of great leadership.


√ Pre and Post Assessments- A thorough survey of skills and desired outcomes that measures growth and potential (Core)

√ Participant Toolkit: 
√ Training syllabus and teaching materials
The Art of Convening book or e-version
The Power of Purpose book (Trainer courses)

√ Online learning platform

√ Curriculum: overview of the AoC Book, course readings, journaling combined with an exploration of the practices, principles, challenges and successes of convening

√ Interactive exercises designed to maximize collaborative learning and application-

√ Applied learning: Each training incorporates a "Case Study" and Council Process reflective inquiry as a tool and metric with which you will be able to design a specific convening opportunity in your life and/or work

√ Learn & practice peer coaching and the 9 Steps to Collaboration in a highly interactive learning environment.

√ 1:1 coaching call with CPL/AoC Certified Leader (Core and Trainer)

√ A course completion certificate


 ICF CCEs: students who participate fully and complete their program requirements (either in-person or virtually) will be able to receive Continuing Coach Education credits for an additional fee

Convening is different from facilitation. By definition, facilitation is ‘the process of making things easy or easier.’ Conveners invite participants to co-create the highest possible outcome for a meeting or gathering.
— Craig Neal


craig neal

craig neal

Patricia Neal

Patricia Neal


Both virtual and in-person training options are available.

Virtual Trainings—All virtual trainings utilize a Zoom video platform

In-house—A CPL Certified Convener will train the program at a location you specify.

Trainer Certification—Individuals or trainers from your organization certify to teach the course within your company.

Need more flexibility? We can help you meet the scheduling demands and limitations of your teams or organizations.

When we ask recent Art of Convening Core training graduates to answer this question: “Describe convening to someone who knows nothing about the method or practice,” here are some responses:

  • Convening is a carefully arranged framework of seeming procedural steps that build upon each other so that in the end, a true commitment to action is achieved. There are 9 steps in the process in which the "conveners" meet within so they can reach an authentic connection with a personal goal and intention to act.

  • Inviting a group of people to be truly present with one another, creating a sense of belonging, and recognition of the uniqueness they each contribute to achieve a specific purpose.

  • Convening is about connecting with others in a meaningful, effective way. Whether one-on-one, groups, professional or personal, it's an intentional way of creating an inviting, engaging space for people to show up fully and contribute, feel heard and valued and have a transformative experience.

  • By expressing what is true for me and be attentive and listening for what is true for another person or persons creates an authentic convening or engagements.

  • AoC is an attitude and approach of bringing people together to create something they are proud of and able to take action on.

Participating in the Art of Convening Virtual training has been an enlightening experience, an opportunity to learn and practice to nuances and subtleties of convening deep, meaningful and intimate conversations. I have convened gatherings for many years, ranging from large public events to small private circles, and still learning much from this unique experience. Highly recommend them!
— John Renesch, Author, futurist, Founder of FutureShapers, Conscious Leadership Guild, LLC; Co-former and Host, The Presidio Dialogues; former Managing Director, World Business Academy
The trainings our environmental team did with CPL helped to transform a historically challenging dialogue with our stakeholders into a more collaborative discussion through the application of effective listening and engagement strategies using the Art of Convening method.
Thank you for the great material you have provided as readings and explanations for each AoC session. They contain a wealth of information and insight and are very helpful in seeing how to apply the skills we are learning here.
— Former Executive Director - Advancement Institute, TWIN CITIES RISE!

“I (and many of my co-workers) have been honored to be able to receive training and coaching from Center for Purposeful Leadership, and have loved working with them. Their guidance and subtle coaching have contributed to a culture shift in my organization, leading to more productive meetings, stronger collaborations, and more positive personal interactions.”