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Organizational Transformation

Engaged Employees

Create Thriving Cultures

Engagement is about linking life’s purpose with work that matters. When we engage our whole selves with the right work we do each day, miracles happen. Things just seem to work, life unfolds, people naturally collaborate internally and externally.

Companies with engaged employees realize 21% higher productivity, 22% higher profitability, 48% fewer safety incidents, 10% higher customer satisfaction metric, 37% lower employee absenteeism according to a 2012 Gallup study. These outcomes are tangible; and we can help.




Incremental change is familiar, but not up to the task anymore in our fast-paced world. The status quo is no longer an option. In the midst of one new roll-out after another, another strategic plan may feel like a best guess.

It's time for a fundamental shift in the way we think and do business. You know why, but how and what will get you from here to there?

We create opportunities and possibilities for leaders and organizations to shapeshift on a dime. This can only be called Change 5.0. When leaders work on all cylinders and the organization is integrated vertically, horizontally and every which way, miracles begin to happen.


Cultures are how people express and define themselves within an organization. Organizations are people. People do stuff, together. How folks work together, or not, makes all the difference. It's usually a lead indicator of an organization on the way up or down. You don’t want to be on your way down do you?

Leaders and people make choices about how their culture works. Thriving healthy cultures often exhibit these traits: people smile often, are fully engaged for no apparent reason, have ease and effortless collaboration.

So what’s it like to work at your place? If you’d like to see people leaning in and stepping up with more ease and laughter around your organization, give us a call.

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