Unleash your team’s EQ with the power of convening

Within our fast moving world, the quality of our communications is paramount to the success of our everyday lives.

The way we interact with one another sets the tone for not only our own well-being, but that of our organizations and communities.

Whether your staff is aspiring to connect, engage or collaborate, our team has a three step training that works like a charm. In over 45 cohorts, people have relearned how to work together, talk together, and think together based on the method outlined in our book The Art of Convening.

It’s the alchemy that turns dysfunctional communications at your organization into a highly functional collaborative culture ready to take on the world, one day at a time.

We’d love to tell you about how we’ve created communication breakthroughs and cultures of collaboration for people like you. Let’s talk.

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We have received great support from CPL in our transition to become a collaborative partner with the vast number of stakeholders that are essential to a better water future.  In contrast to other training initiatives this has been embraced by staff and they are leading the effort  to build upon and sustain this transformation in how we work together.
— General Manager, Metropolitan Council Environmental Services