In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world there is a growing call for certainty of purpose. In a time of disruption, purpose is a stabilizing force.

Each of us at CPL have chosen to pursue our passion to make the world a better place for generations to come. In our pursuit of this, we have experienced our share of great successes and tragedy. These experiences have informed who we are and contributed to our ability to have compassion for what many are experiencing in today’s world of personal and organizational transformation. Let’s be powerful on purpose together.

Our Mission
Great leadership is Purposeful Leadership. We love to work with leaders who know that the core of purpose and leadership is personal and professional growth in service to those they lead.

Our Vision
We serve leaders and organizations to create sustainable cultures of purpose, trust, respect and collaboration for the sake of a world that works for all.

We are partners, guides and coaches to leaders and organizations that seek sustainable purpose-based solutions to navigating change in paradoxical world.

When the status quo is no longer an option we are your trusted allies in creating the possible from the the impossible. We are the purpose people.


In the recent formation of our Executive Leadership Team retreat CPL partnered to design and deliver our successful launch by creating a safe space, asking impactful questions that helped us engage in new conversations in our heavily analytical, results-focused engineering culture.

Organization Performance Manager, Fortune 10 energy company