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Whole Person Leadership:
The Power of On-Purpose Leadership

The Art of Convening book PDF
Field Guide

1. Meet Faculty

2. Meet each other (participants)

3. Orientation
    a. Program Core Principles
    b. Program Objectives
    c. Program Flow
    d. Life Tapestry/Purpose Plan
    e. Introduction to 16pf

4. Concepts of Purpose and Convening

5. The role of research and assessment

Zoom Archive (to come)


Your Leadership Patterns:
From Where Do You Lead?

16pf® Personality Factor Questionnaire & Assessment:
Group overview of what the 16pf® is: elements and implications.
Debrief on the results from your 16pf® Assessment & Worksheet

1. What is the science of personality, how can it predict and mature, “from where you lead”?  

2.  16PF Personality Factor Assessment:
Overview of elements.  
   5 global factors
   16 primary factors  
   6 vocational interests-

3. How do your results inform your Whole Person Leadership?  Strengths and challenges in light of your priorities?  16pf report / worksheet results debrief.

4.  Next steps.  What will optimize your personal and professional impact?  


Leading from Wholeness
The Arts of Convening and Emotional Intelligence

Being a "whole" leader calls on every aspect of our selves. It calls us to find the courage to bring all of who we are into everything we do: the brilliant parts, the messy parts, the parts we hide and the traits we feel most proud of. 

Following on the insights gleaned from the 16pf® Assessment, we will establish the crucial roles of Convening and Emotional Intelligence (Connect to Lead) and Conversational Intelligence (why who we are when we lead matters). We will explore the reservoir of wisdom and information always accessible that includes and expands beyond traditional intellectual capacities.

Building Trust

Trust is critical to effective leadership at all levels and with all customers. Understanding how you developed your trust style is critical to identifying how you encourage trustworthiness in others.

Leading in diverse organizations has unique trust challenges and opportunities. We will explore the building blocks of building trust, for yourself first, and then for those you work with and serve.

1. Understanding the key elements of trust (in ourselves and others)

2. Learning how trust is vital to achieve authentic engagement

3. Reflecting on the role of trust in achieving equitable outcomes in the workplace

4. Building trust


Communications Leadership

The Art of Strategic Communications; Finding Resilience and Renewal 

Strategic Communications Principles for Leaders:
To review principles of strategic communications, so leaders can communicate effectively with key stakeholder groups, including employees, customers, investors, community, etc.


Synthesis and Moving Forward

Your Purpose Plan completed
Post-journey Survey
What is next

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            Course reading                                                                     


4 Virtual Sessions
+ 2-day Closing Summit

Opening/Orientation Zoom session: 
January 22, 2018
Monday 1/22, 8:30-11:30am CT

4 Zoom Sessions
2/15, 3/15, 4/12, 5/10
Thursdays 9-11:30am CT

Closing Summit:
May 31-June 1, 2018
8:00am-4:00pm CT
Location: Oak Ridge Conference Center, Chaska, MN



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