What is unique about women's leadership? Why is does inclusion of women's leadership matter? Women in leadership roles position organizations and build communities in a way that makes them fit for the future. Because the world has been without the full benefit of the talent, creativity and ideas of half its population for far too long. Because it is the opening act toward a more inclusive, equal, and balanced society.

Today's global problems require leaders that have diverse skill sets and innovation that can only come from diverse ideas and players. Women bring the skills, different perspectives and structural and cultural difference to drive effective solutions. In short, female leaders change the way global solutions are forged.

That's why it is important to keep pushing forward. Fairness and equality are admirable goals in themselves. And women have consistently proven that they are able to benefit policy in important ways.

But having more female leaders -- from politics to the boardroom -- is important for another reason, too. Simply having female leaders changes the norms about who can lead and what qualities are necessary in leadership. Having women in leadership roles is breaking down cultural and structural barriers -- improving leadership around the world and showing everyone what women can achieve.

There is no one formula for being an effective leader.  And for women, leadership potential  can be additionally complicated by the infamous glass ceiling. WHEN WOMEN LEAD INSTITUTE brings women and men together to convene compelling conversations of leadership.


Because real equality in the workplace and the home will make all of us better off. When we use the full talents of the population, our countries and companies are more productive. When men are 50/50 partners at home, marriages are stronger. When men are active fathers, their children are healthier, happier, and more successful.


Because the world needs feminine and masculine traits to solve problems of the world. The world needs women to lead more than ever to economically thrive, and become more sustainable and peaceful.