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ZOOM Virtual Meeting Services
Zoom + Convening



Zoom = The Technology of Connection
Convening = The Technology of Connectivity

Your need
Convening great virtual meetings requires planning and expertise

  • You need help navigating Zoom capacity and features.

  • You would like a pro to conduct your Zoom meeting so you can convene with full attention.

  • You want more inclusion, participation, collaboration and accountability in your virtual meetings.

  • You need help designing a great Zoom meeting.

What Zoom offers
State-of-the-art video collaboration platform

  • User-friendly

  • An interactive environment via breakouts and group conversation

  • Chat, Polling and other Zoom features

  • Screen sharing for real-time document sharing

  • Great meeting follow-up via recorded sessions

  • Great technical support

What Convening offers
Program designs for inclusion, participation, and collaboration

  • Principles of Conversation

  • Convening Wheel

  • Creating safe and generative spaces

  • Hearing all the voices

  • Collective wisdom

  • Committed, aligned action

  • As an early adaptor and daily convener on Zoom, Patricia Neal is a great resource and collaborator for ZOOM Design, Support or Conducting.

  • As a co-founder and Certified Art of Convening Trainer, Patricia understands meeting design that works for great virtual meetings.

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