Claudia Eisinger, PRC, CCL
Fifth Element Associates
Qualitative Research Specialist and Group Facilitator
Art of Convening© Certified Convening Leader

“The strongest businesses truly connect with customers. They work hard to understand what their customers believe and value most deeply, the world in which they live, and the cultural and social context that shapes how they think and act. It’s only when we uncover these key customer insights that we can understand the true drivers of motivation and behavior and thereby build deep and lasting customer relationships.”

As a qualitative research specialist and group facilitator, Claudia Eisinger has 25 years of qualitative research experience in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Specializing in complex, cutting-edge advertising and branding research, Claudia has worked with a variety of national and international clients, social marketing departments, advertising agencies, and consulting specialists to develop marketing and communication plans, strategic advertising programs, and creative work.

While based at RDS International in the UK, she developed her expertise in conducting multi-country qualitative research, and in youth and young adult trend research. In the U.S., Claudia headed up the qualitative research department of Action Research, a full-service research firm, and was a consumer insight specialist for Kelliher Samets Volk, a brand relationship firm.

In her professional as well as personal life, Claudia enjoys creating authentic conversations, where people feel valued and where inspiration and creativity thrive. She feels most alive when she is cooking with abandon, sailing into the setting sun in an 18-knot breeze, Alpine skiing on blue-sky day, or hiking a tall peak, especially in service of a good cause and when such experiences are shared with good friends and family. She is also a traveler at heart who loves “getting” a culture like a local. Claudia lives with her husband, daughters, and dog on Lake Champlain just north of Burlington.

Professional Certifications

Art of Convening© Certified Convening Leader 2010 – present
Art of Convening© Advance Graduate Certification, 2008 -2009
Appreciative Inquiry Facilitators Training Certification, 2004