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Purposeful Leadership

A purposeful life lived and fully shared makes for effective, sustainable leadership. Recent research shows that a sense of purpose, not a specific set of characteristics, is the key to successful leadership. When your life’s calling is expressed in what you do all sorts of powerful possibilities are unleashed. This is a secret admired leaders have figured out and know how to live. We are listening partners and allies committed to supporting your journey as a leader.

We work with leaders who are ready to transition to their next level of capacity. We work with senior and mid-level managers, business partners, cross-functional project teams and intact workgroups who want to impact sales or revenue, productivity, and employee engagement.

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Imagine being able to think and act clearly about anything and everything. When that occurs things fall into place, what were once problems to overcome are opportunities becoming possibilities.  As coaches we are committed to your success as a human being and an effective leader.

Coaching is for anyone who wants to make unprecedented personal or professional progress, and as long as you are willing to take action, you will get results. If you want to accelerate your progress and move your life or business to the next level, we are here to help you do that.

Our coaches deliver the high quality, high efficiency programs that focus on your leadership.

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Craig’s coaching was invaluable for establishing an ongoing collaborative of health care CEOs from Minnesota dedicated to working together to improve health care. Using “art of convening” principles, Craig helped to plan the first few meetings and establish a safe and trusted environment. By the 2nd meeting, the participants signed a pledge “to collaborate on specific and persistent problems that cannot be solved by any individual entity or solely through competition.”
— David Abelson, President, Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
Working with Craig, I had a transformative experience: In a period of my life filled with transition, fear and doubt, he helped me see that I had all the answers inside of me to take the critical, decisive steps forward and claim the life that I wanted. I appreciate his attentiveness, thoughtfulness and simple, straightforward knowledge and wisdom. 
— B.A.W., Director of Economic & Housing Development, City of Newark, NJ