Purposeful Leadership

We work with those who are engaged in exploring their life/work journey and growing their leadership.  Each program is designed to encourage and listen for the wisdom that is inherent in you. Sessions are both evocative and provocative, eliciting your own deep knowing about your own leadership and then challenging you to take positive, focused, deliberate, and committed action.  

Benefits of participating in a Purpose Circle or aligning yourself with a Coach:

  • A lasting integration of your personal and professional goals
  • Managing competing work & home life priorities
  • Influencing within complex workplace cultures
  • Building and motivating effective teams: formal and informal
  • Deeper understanding and collaboration with those around you
  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Actualize your personal vision as a leader in life and work.

Purpose Circles

Uncertain times need certainty of purpose. We live volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times (VUCA) where change and uncertainty can be equally challenging and exciting. A VUCA world requires new life and professional skills to navigate it. 

Purpose is the power behind your personal success leadership and every successful organization. Your unique purpose shared authentically in relationship with others is at the heart of the matter. Research shows that Purposeful Leadership encapsulates one’s personal values, goals and identity and matters to your everyday actions.

Purpose Circles, whether virtual or in-person, employ modern brain science learning techniques with age-old wisdom practices designed to accelerate your ability to learn, assimilate, integrate and apply your personal calling with that of your team and organization.Integrating what matters with what works is the key to sustainable success.

Based on the integration of Richard Leider’s seminal work on personal purpose and CPL’s Convening methodology, Purpose Circles allow you, your team and organization to rapidly align personal purpose with organizational goals to transform the way you do business.

3, 7 or 12-session options
Virtual and in-person

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Coaching is for anyone who wants to make unprecedented personal or professional progress. As long as you are willing to take action you will get results. If you want to accelerate your progress and move your life or business to the next level, we are here to help you do that.

Personal Leadership: Grow your capacity to connect and engage at a higher level.
Collaborative Leadership: Learn the art and science of expanding beyond teamwork to collaboration.
Conversational Intelligence- C-IQ: Coaching based in Conversational Intelligence Quotient incorporating evolving technologies, the latest in neuroscience and C-IQ frameworks.

Working with both areas, clients have reached the following objectives: 

  • Ability to communicate more effectively with staff, team, board or stakeholders.
  • Consider inventive and creative ways to redefine and communicate their leadership model.
  • Create alignment for accountability with their organization or team.

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Extraordinary listening abilities combined with a vast inventory of resources made our coaching sessions quite valuable. I can highly recommend CPL to help you stay on track… or help you navigate a course correction, if you’ve lost your way.

- Publisher