All cohorts are live and interactive between participants, and between participants and faculty.  We use the Zoom virtual platform to facilitate learning and model engagement.

All cohorts are live and interactive between participants, and between participants and faculty.

We use the Zoom virtual platform to facilitate learning and model engagement.

We've learned that virtual meetings don't have to be a waste of time. In fact, they can be more valuable than face to face meetings. They are an inexpensive way to get people together: no travel costs and readily available technology.


Great Virtual Meetings teaches the art and science of designing and leading virtual meetings and conversations that are inspirational, productive and transformative.

  • Learn to convene and facilitate successful collaborative work at a distance so you can create engaging, participatory meetings for remote teams.

  • Get behind the scenes with Zoom technology to explore current tools and features.

  • Unleash your team’s EQ with the power of convening

  • Learn how convening skills can shift the culture of your team, department or organization to full-on commitment.

5 1.5-hour Zoom learning sessions
in a collaborative cohort setting

or 2 payments of $200

[10% discount for AoC Grads or 2+ participants]
[scholarships available: contact Patricia Neal]

- All sessions are live and interactive, use the Zoom virtual platform, and are recorded for post-session viewing -


Oct 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
6:00pm-7:30pm Central US
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20% off early bird if you register by 8/30

2020: Jan 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
6:00pm-7:30pm Central US
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9 steps to collaboration

It helped put structure and intention to things that I was doing without really realizing why. I also learned some new zoom tips and tricks to help me get more out of my zoom meetings.
— Recent graduate
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Session 1: Introduction, Overview: At the Heart of the Matter, Intent, "Webside Manner", Your Case Study, Your Purpose in Action, Exploring Zoom Capacity

Session 2: The Architecture of Designing Great Virtual Meetings: Invitation, Context, Exploring Zoom Features, The Meeting Agenda, Your Case Study

Session 3: Creating the Container for Presence: Practice & Application: Your Case Study, Creating Safe Spaces, Hearing All the Voices

Session 4: Conversation & Collaboration: The Challenges: Essential Conversation, Creation, Holding Paradox and Disruption

Session 5: Synthesis & Application: Synthesis, Application, Your Case Study, Commitment to Action, Completion


√ Online Learning Platform

√ The Art of Convening book (e-version)

√ Curriculum: overview of the AoC Book, course readings, journaling, combined with an exploration of the practices, principles, challenges and successes of convening virtually

√ Interactive exercises designed to maximize collaborative learning and application

√ Applied learning: Each training incorporates a "Case Study" as a tool and metric with which you will be able to design a specific convening opportunity in your life and/or work

√ Learn & practice the 9 Steps to Collaboration in a highly interactive learning environment.

I’ve gotten so much from the Virtual course. I love how you put together all the tools to make a really meaningful experience. Designing my own online class as a case study was a great real-time learning opportunity – thank you!
— Diane Nettifee, president, Magis Ventures
There were many helpful learnings, especially the overall concept and experience, especially the modeling of creating a ‘strong container’ for ‘authentic presence.’
— Recent graduate
Thanks for such an eye opening, well-done training.
— Stuart Ackman, Ackman Commercial Realty
This is a great training to allow you to slow down and really think about what goes into a great virtual meeting. You learn by experience to gain a deeper appreciation for the process and the tools that can come together to create great convening spaces.
— Recent graduate




Convening is distinct from facilitation. Conveners invite participants to co-create the highest possible outcome for a meeting or gathering, whether virtually or in-person. - Patricia Neal



Both virtual and in-person training options are available.

Virtual Trainings—All virtual trainings utilize a Zoom video platform

In-house—A CPL Certified Convener will train the program at a location you specify.

Trainer Certification—Individuals or trainers from your organization certify to teach the course within your company.

Need more flexibility? We can help you meet the scheduling demands and limitations of your teams or organizations.