What do participants get from the course?
Clearer self-awareness: A clearer sense of the deeper values that inform your leadership and how your life experiences help shape you.
Leadership growth: An understanding of how purpose can unleash and strengthen your leadership effectiveness and aspirations.
Culture change: Influence and strengthen relationships among leaders that share a common goal for whole person leadership.

You will receive:

  • onboarding interview and process

  • world-class coaching

  • qualitative research on the outcomes of whole person leadership

  • develop your Leadership Blueprint

  • develop your Purpose Plan

  • explore winning solutions to your leadership challenges.

Assessments and coaching include:

  • Hogan Leadership Assessment

  • Conversational Intelligence Assessment

  • Purpose Calling Cards & Napkin Test

  • Trust Behaviors Assessment

  • Time Diet Questionnaire & Assessment.

In a time of disruption, purpose is a stabilizing force. At the heart of the matter: How do your life and leadership fit together? How is your purpose to be shared?


Whole Person Leadership™ for Women is a unique offering and gathering of women leaders from many sectors, business lines, and organizational leadership. We will gather as a cohort to share expertise and life learnings that will benefit not only you, but everyone you lead or work with.

Many leadership programs teach leaders how to operate more effectively. This one does that, too. In addition, this program helps you more fully discover and connect with your purpose so you can lead by bringing more of your authentic self, all of your gifts and talents, to your leadership role. 

We invite you to become part of this talented group of women leaders. You will work with each other in a safe and encouraging environment. You will also work one-on-one in a peer setting. As a result, you will access more of your whole-person potential and, without doubt, grow in your leadership capacity. WPL is an opportunity to pause and take intentional time out from your day-to-day life, to consider your purpose and prepare for what is next for you and your leadership.

√ Resilience
Life in Balance, Time Diet:
Learn tools and practices to balance personal and professional demands so you have choices that support you to operate from a place of replenishment.

√ Impact
Strategic Communications, The Role of Gender in Communications:
Explore and identify key strategies for managing group dynamics and key stakeholders.

√ Thriving
Leadership Blueprint
Purpose Plan
Nurture your whole person with your personalized Leadership Blueprint and Purpose Plan.

I now have a roadmap that allows me to make decisions that align with my life’s purpose, which has freed me to ... have a renewed positive attitude about the contributions I will make in my relationships and approach to life.


Whole Person Leadership™ for Women (WPL) is an experience and journey that combines five monthly online webinars completing with a 2-day Summit retreat. We will focus on whole-person, purposeful leadership in real-time application, and the power of creating an intentional engagement strategy for yourself and those you lead. 

Opening Virtual Session + 4 Virtual Sessions + 2-day Closing Summit
*All Zoom Virtual Sessions are live and interactive. The Closing Summit is in person.*

January 9, 2020: Opening Live Virtual Session/Orientation (2.5 hours)
2/6, 3/5, 4/2, 4/30: 4 Virtual Sessions (each 2.5 hours)
May 28-29, 2019: Closing Summit (Location: Minneapolis)

What participants gain from “Whole Person Leadership for Women”
This is a journey, from January to May with women with a breadth of experience and a desire for a fuller expression. You will experience what is on these pages and so much more. 



Whole Person Leadership™ sessions offer valuable knowledge and insights, convened by a professional faculty and team that is experienced in surfacing your own strengths and wisdom, leveraging your life experiences, all in the company of other inspired women leaders.

Individual wisdom: You will discover or refocus your purpose and gifts for the lasting impact you want to have. Realizing what gives you meaning and purpose – recognizing it and acknowledging it – is crucial to a life well-lived.

Collective wisdom: By engaging in peer coaching and various group learning opportunities, participants will gain insights and learnings from other women leaders who are also striving to learn, grow and apply for personal and professional impact.

Each session will be hands-on, high-engagement and immersive with applied-learning opportunities designed for you to understand and adopt new behaviors and ideas, network with peers, learn from a diverse faculty, and grow your knowing of your own leadership.


Whole Person Leadership for Women is designed to engage and inspire you, as a high-performing women leader toward accelerating your leadership abilities into your next expression. For up to 20 leaders who want insights on how to lead more purposefully and effectively, as well as individual support, so they can be “whole-person” leaders.

Who Should Apply: Any woman who wants to discover, deepen and/or refocus her expression of leadership in the world will benefit from this program.

  • Women managers and directors

  • Current and rising women supervisors

  • Seasoned women executives and leaders

  • Women small business owners and entrepreneurs

We invite you to join us!