Interview with TriCIA

Interview with TriCIA


From Trish:

What called me to participate in Whole Person Leadership for Women?
I was in the middle of significant career decisions and at a crossroads. I wanted a course that was collaborative and external to my organization for fresh thinking.

What are your top takeaways?

· All things trust - how to create it, how to break it, how it is built in the smallest of moments vs. grand gestures, how foundational it is; tools, videos and lots of dialogue shared – area of intentional “raise the bar” for me going forwards.

· Finding your “calling” –define as (Gifts + Passion + Values) = Calling. Developing a “purpose statement” was pretty difficult for me and still not complete. Prior to the course, I now realize I was a bit “asleep at the wheel” in having that purpose and vision to intentionally guide my career and personal life. A few inspiring participants were WAY ahead of me in terms of knowing and pursuing. 

· Key lesson: committing structured time each week to progress is the only way. It takes work and doesn’t suddenly come to you as a single epiphany but the time invested in incredibly worthwhile. I’m making the time.

· Collective wisdom of a trusting community: I appreciated the fresh perspective from a widely diverse group, the challenges they face and collective wisdom shared on how to deal with them. 

· Art of Convening: the way it brings focus to the group; the principles were HIGHLY effective. I’d like to learn more about “stealth convening”… need to find out more how to apply the principles but don’t scare people into thinking there is a group hug coming :). 

As a leader, what have you begun to apply in your life and work?

·  Consciously establishing trust with others, investing in building a foundation where one can assume positive intent
·  Hearing all the voices, and ensuring every person feels heard and included thus creating a more inclusive environment

Why should someone register for the program?

·   If a person is looking to take a step back from the trees and survey the forest, decide if this is the forest that they even want to be in and their path through it – this is the course to give you the fresh ideas, thinking time, and prompting to explore, assess and learn from others – and come away feeling invigorated and with renewed energy and optimism!

From Stephanie:

If you're looking for help in listening to or understanding your calling, I highly recommend Patricia Neal’s class on Whole Person Leadership. The team grounded me in my purpose which allowed me to focus on planning, moving forward, creativity, and relationships. 

From Ellen:

The Whole Person Leadership program was a pivotal experience that really did bring my leadership to the next level, which is what I was looking for. I was feeling stuck and maxed out on what I saw as my current level of leadership.

Throughout the WPL course I was able to discover and connect with a deep awareness about what my unique skills and talents are and how they lead to my greater purpose of what I have to contribute as a leader at work and in my personal relationships. Since experiencing the course, I have really tuned into and appreciate my unique style of leadership and have learned to step up and step in where I can truly add value.

There was much to be learned on so many different levels throughout WPL. The Art of Convening method that was used for each session was a great way to facilitate the leadership sessions and equipped me with the tools I need to lead effective, meaningful conversations and meetings.

The WPL team: Enough cannot be said about the WPL team! I felt blessed to have access to such a wide array of experienced, powerful women guiding us through the journey and having a topic expert at each session also participating in the program.

The course: The topics of each session really built on one another and each contributed value in a deep way leading up to the final retreat where everything was clearly synthesized and learning was deepened. The resources and materials that were shared were both thought-provoking and useful to facilitate personal learning and great conversations at each session.

Allies: I’m also thankful to have a new cohort of other female leaders on the journey of whole person leadership—being with and learning from the others in the group was critical to spring boarding my own personal growth and I look forward to staying in connection with my cohort into the future—as it truly is a journey and not a destination!

interview with jennifer

interview with jennifer

From Jennifer:

At the beginning, what I thought I was trying to get out of the process was not what I got; I got so much more than I expected from my Whole Person Leadership for Women experience.

I came into it trying to decide to stay or go. I’ve been in the same place for over 25 years. I’ve grown into leadership and was asked to be part of the leadership group. I felt like my voice was getting lost. I could no longer be my authentic self.

What I learned through a slow process of discovery that I came to appreciate through all the activities, what my real purpose and focus was, and what I found really passionate. I found I wasn’t alone, many other women were the same in trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the last 3rd of my career.

I gained real confidence and the ability to make those decisions and decided to stay! I have a different attitude about my work and what I can contribute, and my relationships and how I approach my life. I now have a roadmap that allows me to make decisions that align with my life’s purpose, which has freed me to stay with my company with a renewed positive attitude about the contributions I will make in my relationships and approach to life.

I greatly appreciate the program and the diversity of all the women, and I appreciate the diverse opinions. A lot of us didn’t know what we would get out of it, but we knew we needed to change.



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