What if the universe were whispering in my ear at every moment?

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

"What if the universe were whispering in my ear at every moment?" Atruly evocative question from Steve Roberts, visionary author and reflecter. Steve joined the Campfire Call today and brought more elucidation to the writings we had read for the call.

What if I considered the idea that the universe is giving me information at every moment vs. just how I normally expect to be communicating? What if, instead of limiting myself to what I think I know, I consider that there are many ways to be a human in this world?

How would this change my perception of Alzheimer's or anything that creates separation between us and those around us?

More reflections from Steve.... "I have found it useful to take all my own experience and come up with my own story of the universe. My experience is that the universe is profoundly and completely loving. In every moment, we are given precisely everything we've ever asked for. The universe is showering us with everything we want and need, showering us with love.

The challenge of being human is being open to that profound amount of love. A lot of life's challenge isn't overcoming adversity, but being worthy of this shower of love, where everything is a gift. The challenge is figuring out how come? Why is this a gift?

But if you consider that everything is in service to our heart's call to love, then everything is a gift."

What an amazing call we all had together. Please take a moment to add your comments, and if you can, listen to the audio of a truly rich call.

With gratitude, Patricia

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