Marilyn Tam

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

A woman of passion with a mission for the world!!

Born in Hong kong the eldest of 4 in a traditional Chinese family. tough life. came to the US, excelled in school found her way into the corporate system and rose through the ranks to senior leadership roles at Nike, Reebok and did she do it? what drove her to achieve at a game not usually open to young asian women?

So here are her life priciples that have been the guidepost along the way.....

Tell the truth:  easier said than done, but life is so connected, that if i don't tell the truth, things will implode around me
Make partners:  pushes to think bigger, work collaboratively. makes us look at our values.
Make big mistakes:  when we make mistakes, we're taking a risk. "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude means we'll be stagnant. otherwise, taking a risk means we do our homework, are planful.
Die by your own sword:  a graphic way to know what we stand for vs. what we're told to stand for.

What are your guiding principles and how are you applying them in your life and work? let us all know what you think. simply hit the comment link below and type away.