On Peggy Holman VisionHolder call

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

I did enjoy this eye-opening call with Peggy Holman. I am inspired to read her book.

My impressions:

  • that creative change engages diversity both of persons and of practices;

  • that disruption, disturbance, the sense of things "falling apart" can be befriended for a new start;

  • that the context of "we" , rather than "I and the other" challenges my sense of responsibility;

  • that belonging differs from conformity and

  • that an emerging community holds the imperative that each brings forth their best gift for the well-being of the whole.  

  • (correlates with Peter Block's COMMUNITY...)   

Several years ago I participated in a seminar here with Harrison Owen's Open Space Technology. I was pleased to hear Peggy note this in her research. Harrison then reported on his successful work with US West in Phoenix.  
Lately I have been involved with the SHiFT community here and keep thinking that an Open Space event would be beneficial for those in transition.  After I study Peggy Holman's book, bringing it to the attention of others in my group, who knows what ideas may emerge?
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