2014: Crunch Time!

Photo credit: Daniel Scotton

Photo credit: Daniel Scotton

an interesting thought piece:  http://futureexploration.net/2014-crunch-time

For many years we have all observed massive change, driven not only by extraordinary developments in information, medical, and material technologies, but also by accompanying social shifts that have been as dramatic as technological change.

These shifts have been incremental over years, so while we are all aware of these shifts, many still do not realize quite how dramatic the impact will be.

We are now reaching “Crunch Time”, when cumulative change is reaching the point of fundamental disruption in many aspects of society. Now is when the extent of change truly hits home, leaving many dazed, yet others seizing the extraordinary opportunities that emerge from rapid change.

In this brief report we highlight 14 domains in which we are reaching crunch time, and how we need to respond.