3 Most Common Convening Questions (when the meeting goes off the rails)

PHoto Credit: Daniel Scotton

PHoto Credit: Daniel Scotton

The consistent themes for why people enroll in the Art of Convening trainings:

  • their meetings, retreats and even conversations are totally not working,
  • or
  • they realize things could be a whole lot better, better efficiency, better buy-in, aligned outcomes.

1. The #1 common question is “How do I handle the person who dominates the meeting?” or “the non-stop talker” or “the bully.”

2. A 2nd common question is: “How can I make a difference if I’m not leading the meeting?”

3. The 3rd most common question: “How do I get people engaged to participate in the meeting and get aligned? When we walk out the door, the real meeting begins in the hallway.”

Click here to read how Bob successfully addressed some of these questions in his organization:  http://conta.cc/2EqHA4R

We will offer our learnings in future posts.