The invitation is about participation

Photo credit: Craig Neal

Photo credit: Craig Neal

In our new book "Art of Convening", Diarmuid O'Murchu speaks eloquently to the key aspect of the Invitation. He says, "the invitation is about participation, not mere observation. We are not journeying in the universe but with the universe. We are not concerned about living in an evolving world but co-evolving with our world. We are parts of a whole, much greater than the sum of its parts, and yet within each part we are interconnected with the whole."

This line of understanding our role as a part of a Whole living universe correlates very deeply and directly with Indigenous worldviews, and brings us circle back to understanding we are inspiringly a part of a magnificent co-creation, and that each of us has a voice and unique "fingerprint" unlike any other. When we gather in a convening circle, we deepen our ability to be productive, open to possibilities, and to acknowledge each individual's key role when we come from this lens.

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All the best wishes to you and your circles,

Craig & Patricia