The Business of Changing the World

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

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What an exciting morning with CS Laura Scher. She embodies vision in action, living one's purpose, one act at a time. "We’re all looking at the same tea leaf – and it’s all about what we will do about it. WA wants to be part of the solution. I want to be part of the solution.... The business of changing the world through everyday acts – it’s who I am. There’s no other choice, no other step to take than the ones we have taken."

There is inherent risk at living your vision— of committing to integrating business principles and outcomes, with purpose and responsibility to something greater than yourself and your company.

But Laura has been taking risks all her life, as inspired by her family and the communities she is engaged with. It's knowing she can make a difference, one action at a time.

To answer the question: "How do we sell more phones out of our customer base?", WA is moving into the wireless business. But beyond just asking the business question, they also ask, "how will this make a difference?" Part of the success of WA – it's one of the only remaining socially active organizations who remain independent.

They are changing the name to "Credo Mobile" – the goal to have a more emotional connection with the phone (the name of Working Assets came because it was the socially responsible investment fund’s name). "So, we’re taking this big bet… we’ll see what the consequences are in a couple of years. We’re starting a big campaign around the next electoral campaign with a lot of fun things. For one, the charger is solar-powered… and the phone is made of completely recycled plastic. With all we know about energy and the environment it’s amazing we are the only American company that does this. No other wireless phone company will take the risk."

It's about risk, passion, purpose, knowing what is yours to do, that will make a difference.