MOJO with Marshall Goldsmith: Tour de Force

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

Marshall Goldsmith is a force to be reckoned entering the ring with a verbally facile Aikido master. Remember the Maxell tape commercials with the guy in the chair having his hair blown back? That's what is was like for Craig to enter the interview dance with Marshall.

For an hour he delighted and amazed us with his personal bio, ruminations on his new book, MOJO, How to Get it, How to Keep It, How to Get it Back If you Lose It in an engaging no-holds-barred conversation.

Don't take our word for it, listen to the audio of the entire session here:

In the interview, Craig asked Marshall, "What is your work and the new book for the sake of?" "What surprised you the most about the book when you finished writing?" "Tell us about what is underneath the book, the story of how you came to write it."

Craig & Patricia Neal

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