Power In Numbers

PHoto credit: craig neal

PHoto credit: craig neal

The Heartland home page states: "Experience the power of onemultiplied by the power of many" as an offer and invitation. Why is this so important? Excerpts from a newsletter I receive, called the Daily Om, explain eloquently why we must gather— either in person or virtually—to create an exponential effect.

"Like tiny ripples that merge to form great waves, combined human intent is worth more than the sum of its parts.

Alone, the light you emit is a wonderful healing tool, but when you join with others who share your intent to shine compassion and positive energy over the world, a powerful force is created.

Each person's light joins with every other, and through the joining all are strengthened. What matters is not technique or what religion or beliefs you hold, but intent.

As you gather together willing people, your individual intent will become a great and powerful wave, and you will see results in your fellow humans, in the news, and in your daily life."

-Patricia Neal