The Story of WoLF

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

Two threads from the June TLG in Minnesota: 1-What is your "WoLF"? In other words, what specifically are you doing to lead and make an impact in the world? 2-What happens when people organize to be empowered as a collective force within an organization or company? How will we, as leaders, be ready to include those of us who are creating new behaviors and skill sets for leadership?

The Story of WoLF, the Women’s Leadership Forum at Best Buy, was FAR more than the story of the powerful visions of first, Julie Gilbert, and then, Mary Capozzi, our June Conversation Starters.

The retelling of the journey to discover their authentic voices, that led them to dream their big dreams, that brought WoLF to life as a force for change and innovation within Best Buy, created a path for all present to ask the question: What is my voice, and what is the "WoLF" I will commit to as a legacy?

As member Steve Borsch notes in Connecting the Dots, "Today's TLG is just one visible example of a thread I see running through everything from PR and marketing to product development: an awakening along with an increasing willingness to be open and embrace the collective intelligence, consciousness and participation of the collective humanity -- ALL the collective humanity. Not just women; not just some ethnic group; not specific ages. All of us....this awakening to the shifts in demanding a voice; expecting to be heard; and organizing to be empowered as a collective is changing the rules of every game."

As a leader, how will you embrace this shift in awareness to create a workplace that invites this expanded creativity, innovation and participation?