"Creating Wholeness in Organizations and Communities"

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

"Why do monks live in community? Because the soul emerges when we are alone together." There is power in telling our stories in community, especially stories that create a picture of how to bring wholeness to  whatever is in front of us, which was my experience at the Oct. 5 Thought Leader Gathering.

We spent the morning with Pablo Gaito, Global Leader, Learning and Development, Cargill Corporation, exploring stories of Wholeness, Development, Integration, Courage, through stories, poetry, art, song, silence. These stories are important to creating an experience of presence and wholeness in ourselves, and then modeling it for others.

These are key leadership learnings that created another generative conversation....

  • Wholeness: essential values, unity. It is transcendence. An undivided and unbroken. Totality of nothing wanted. That is the wholeness that we’re aspiring to create. I also link wholeness with integrity: the quality of being complete. In organizations we think of it in an ethical way.
  • Development: how do we move from one process to another to a more advanced or mature stage. I love the visual of the nautilus. To me development is similar to a nautilus. As we move from one chamber to another one, we contain the information from the previous chamber. Through experiences, we embark on the journey. We all belong to the same thing and are a part of the whole.
  • Integration: how do we link all of these pieces? Mental well-being is linked with integration in the process of being whole. When we make friends with the reluctance inside ourselves.
  • Courage: our ability to deal with danger. The quality of the character to make friends with the reluctance of parents, teachers and all of those voices that are not our voice. Life shrinks or expands dependent on our degree of courage.