A New Voice of Business

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

Elliot Hoffman & Meredith Beam, co-founders of New Voice ofBusiness, brought a rich conversation of creating a truly new voice of business to the January Thought Leader Gathering.  What is the larger frame that we’re working within at NVB? Were out to build A TRUE MARKET ECONOMY. Telling truth to the marketplace. Bringing integrity to the marketplace.

Gary Malkin started our day with a beautiful song… “we’re made of hope and a wisp of stars, do you remember who we are?” After Stringing the Beads, we heard from Elliot and Meredith of their knowing and big vision.

Questions from the 56 participants were also rich:

  • If we believe that business is a key lever for change, what are we willing to do now to build this new voice?
  • To have a new voice, we also need to have a new style of listening, to bring everyone together (no matter political and religious affiliation).
  • Will the group have more impact through driving creation of new ideas or aggregating support behind great existing or external ideas?
  • How will we make everyone feel included? Some/many don’t feel they’re business people- teachers, artists, construction, science, government, etc.
  • What will it look like when you (and we) are successful in engaging business (social entrepreneurial networked) people? What do you see happening? What will it feel like? What will people be saying and doing?