Something to Live For

Photo Credit: Craig Neal

Photo Credit: Craig Neal

Something to Live For: Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life
with Richard Leider, coach, author and founding partner, Inventure Group

Richard is consistently rated as one of the top executive educators and coaches in the world. He is ranked by Forbes as one of the"Top 5" most respected executive coaches and by Linkage as one of the "Top 50" executive coaches in America. So when Richard talks, we listen. :-)

Our most recent VisionHolder Interview with Richard provided powerful insights into ways of thinking and being that help us find meaning and purpose in the second half of life. Richard is clear that not only do we need to be fully alive, present and accounted for, but the world needs our presence and participation.

We don't usually just decide to transform our lives; it often takes a crisis to trigger change.  At other times, we do it for a reason--a purpose of which our bodies may be more aware than our minds.  We may fail to see the purpose clearly, but it is important to know that it does exist.

Behind the numerous stories of change in later life,there's a common theme.  We seek deep renewal.
Our ability to sustain authentic and wholehearted change in later life, letting go of patterns that we formed in the first half of life to discover new ones as we age, is tangible evidence of a spiritually transformative power.

Whether we call this force would, spirit, or purpose, they all share a common bond.  They acknowledge the mystery of a deeper wisdom that emerges from an embodied spirituality.