Kavita Ramdas: Let's play a different game

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

"As my husband often says, people don't realize that when the women's revolution is complete, both men and women will have more opportunities, free from stereotypical expectations about what they can and cannot do. Of course, that is very scary, because it's a dramatic departure from what we have right now, but it's also very exciting."

The moststriking thing about the international women's movement is that it isn't an anti-male movement. We've gone beyond asking to be allowed to play the game, because we've realized that the game we're all playing is a terribly unfair one where people get hurt. So women activists are saying, 'Let's play a different game.' We're asking, 'What is the world that we want to see for ourselves, women and men, and our children?'

My VisionHolder Interview (2/2) with Kavita Ramdas, President and Chief Executive Officer, Global Fund for Women, was a conversation with a person dedicated to leaving a profound legacy for the world. The Global Fund for Women is a nonprofit grantmaking foundation that advances women's human rights worldwide.

But they are not just about women!

Kavita is clear that a new "game" should be created. One in which men and women are treated with equal dignity, and acknowledged for their wisdom and contribution. The failure to include 50% of the population is a failure of vision, but also an economic and democratic failure.

I asked Kavita WHY she has devoted her life to this work, FOR THE SAKE OF WHAT?, and,
Looking out 10 years, how will you know GFW has been successful?
she responded:

For the sake of what?
Hope: Connections being made all over the world: Hope for global community
Being a great mentor. The best mentors are those who push you off the edge. One of her mentors encouraged her to take the GFW job, saying, "Unless you take a risk you will not find what  you are really hear to do."
My husband also challenged me in the best ways—he really believed in me.
Courage was required.

Looking out 10 years, how will you know GFW has been successful?
UN: commitment to gender equality among all members and all member states.
Follow-up to Beijing conference 15 years ago. Countries are afraid to commit to hosting because of the controversial platform involving equality of women.
US as global leader in gender parity, women's human rights
Military budgets slashed in ½. So much of the earth’s resources flow to the miliatry vs. true sustainablilty, building up human capital resources.
Change the paradigm of giving: Less than 7% of all giving in US focuses on supporting girls and women’s rights.

Many thanks to Kavita for her inspiration, courage and love.