Strengthening through Appreciation

Photo credit: Craig neal

Photo credit: Craig neal

A morningnote from Heartland...via our friends at LiveDynamite

Gratitude is the antidote to fear.
May 3, 2010

Appreciation is one of the strongest expressions of love and has been shown to trigger physical and emotional healing.

Research has proven that it's impossible for the brain to be in a state of appreciation and fear at the same time. And since fear can be paralyzing and hold you back from creating the life you want, the more you express appreciation the easier it is to gain the strength and support you need to take action.

By focusing your attention on all you have to appreciate, you positively reprogram the mind and memory to see how life supports you. Pay attention and you'll see how this practice allows you to experience new levels of grace, ease and joy each day. Here is a simple exercise to help you expand your gratitude practice.

Spend 3 minutes deeply thinking about someone, or something, that you appreciate.
Use all of your senses to experience what it is that you are grateful for. Pay attention to how your mind and body relax.

Repeat this exercise throughout your day when you want to feel more positive emotions.

Have a great day!
The Heartland Team