Purpose Shared: Introducing Our New Blog!

Photo Credit: Craig Neal | 2013 |  Bde Maka Ska

Photo Credit: Craig Neal | 2013 | Bde Maka Ska

Introducing our beautiful new blog!

Each week we'll share all things purposeful: Purpose Moments, Purpose Shared postings, convening as purpose-in-action, and more.

What you can count on is attention to why purpose matters, and why purpose-shared is the ultimate leadership expression for yourself and on behalf of others.  We will continue to post interviews with and essays from thought leaders in the realm of purposeful leadership. (see Archives in the right column) 

You can participate, too! Send us your stories of sharing your purpose. How has sharing your purpose made a difference in your life, organization or family? We are collecting interviews and stories as an inspiration for others. Email Patricia with your ideas.

Many thanks to Daniel Scotten, a most excellent summer CPL intern, who has guided the design and technical buildout of the blog.