Purpose Shared: A few words well-placed...

“A few words well-placed can really change the trajectory of somebody's career.”

Jon Favreau | 1966 - | American director, producer, actor (Chef, Iron Man, Jungle Book, The Lion King, Swingers)

Could this be true?? Of course it is! Think about it. A few words, from the heart, well-placed, can change someone's LIFE. This is why the constant practice of remembering what is at the heart of the matter matters!

What if your purpose is to live from this commitment: your words matter, and your words create positive ripples around you (most that you will never know about).

3 examples just to start the conversation (I'm sure you have hundreds of your own):

  • Positive Coach Alliance centers on this philosophy: 5:1 praise:criticism. A mindset and a discipline that is worthy. (When have I taken time to notice how well I practice this?)

  • Guidance for a colleague: thoughtful, well-placed, well-timed guidance can offer a new lens on how they see themselves and create a new path for possibility and fulfillment.

  • With strangers: Imagine you're having a really bad day--at home, at work, you get a speeding ticket, you stub your toe--and the things of life pile up. Someone takes a moment to SEE you and thank you for whatever you're doing at the moment. The ripples inward and outward are infinite.

Be that person. Filled with purpose.

How to do that? What’s at the heart of the matter is presence to try to BE with those around us. Be present to them. What "tools" do you use to help you focus on your purpose and support being at the heart of the matter?

For us, the Art of Convening is the most potent way we know. Convening isn’t just about running a great meeting. Convening is about relationships and the desire to foster authentic engagement. Because you are always in relationship, you always have the opportunity to convene, to get to the heart of the matter. In fact, in our world, you are never not convening. Convening to foster relationships becomes the purpose.

For today, right now, what well-placed words will you offer?