On Being Ordinary

PHoto credit: craig neal

PHoto credit: craig neal

A Conversation with an Extraordinary Woman

What if it all just meant being present to one another in the moment: in our daily lives, in our neighborhoods, our communities and beyond? What if global transformation just meant living a good life, doing the right thing, walking around the lake on a spring day, loving your children, being in integrity with who you know you are meant to be, having the courage to live your values openly and honestly with whomever you are with.

My conversation with Nina Utne tonight wasn't our normal VisionHolder call. It was more an informal dialogue with an old friend. We talked of big ideas and small actions, of serving our communities and the world in one fell swoop. There is no difference between serving self, family, community than of the high-mindedness of changing or serving the world.

How are you serving those around you? How is serving yourself serving the world? Hit the "Comment" button below and start the conversation. We want to know what you think, what you are facing and feeling.