Margaret Lulic- Corporate Philosopher

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

Our VisionHolder Interview with Margaret on Thursday was a unique window into the context and theory of Spiral Dynamic along with her applications in board and consulting work. Margaret took us through a brief yet potent "primer" on the various levels and colors of the is what many of the caller had to say following the session. Listen to the Audio link to the right and let us know what you think....

"Her explanation of how to encourage everyone in a group to simultaneousy explore different perspectives as a collective, thus encouraging everyone to think in different paradigms and develop different perspectives, reminded me of a similar techniqe used in deBono's 6 Hats typology, and was a useful, practical strategy to remember and put to use."

"Two great take-aways: the idea of stacking in a unique and individul way, around centers of gravity, with the underlying notion of spiral movement; also the asking others where they are rather than judging and placing.  The discussion around diversity as well as the answer to how to bring people into the conversation without imposing empirical knowkedge of the structure.    Much to apply in how I convene, as well as how I communicate.  More dimensions to dialogue."

"I didn't know anything about spiral dynamics, so it was very interesting.  It seems to relate to the chakras and evolution of consciousness.    Use the information as another means of understanding the basis/origin of people's concerns, especially when they are distressed or in interpersonal conflict."

"Her extraordinarily lucid description of Spiral Dynamics and her examples of how she uses this framework in her work took my appreciation and interest to a much higher level."