Moral Intelligence

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

Integrity - Responsibility - Compassion - Forgiveness
An amazing in-depth conversation with Fred Kiel, co-author Moral Intelligence. Moral intelligence as a distinct intelligence is new to the playing field and is unfolding to be a vast subject. Moral intelligence is our mental capacity to determine how universal human principles - like those embodied by the 'golden rule' - should be applied to our personal values, goals, and actions. "MI" focuses on four principles that are vital for sustained personal and organization success:
reflecting the head: Integrity - Responsibility
reflecting the heart: Compassion - Forgiveness.

  • Why is this important in our work and lives? what are the implications?...
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The big decisions that face us all globally are probably in the hands of the leaders of large business organizations.
-Integrity: if these leaders want a workforce that trust them, integrity must be present.
-Responsibility: they might also want a workforce that is inspired to take personal responsibility for themselves and, possibly, the larger world.
-Forgiveness: if you want a creative workforce, you must have forgiveness.
-Compassion: if you want to retain your workforce, you must have compassion.

There seem to be areas of the brain dedicated to moral reasoning: We are born to be moral. if parenting/support is good enough, people will grow up to have the natural capacity to be moral.

Questions discussed: How were the four universal principles chosen? What is the organizational impact of grounding the culture and leadership with the four universal principles? Is there any real evidence that “character based” businesses do better than ones that aren’t? (THE ANSWER IS YES!!)—online as of 9/15
2nd Book coming from Fred and Doug: "What CEOs Believe and the Impact on the Bottom Line"