Mark Thompson

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matter
Spending time with Mark is like having a conversation
about the really big issues of life with a dear friend while driving with the top SUCCESS, love, passion and meaning along with making a buck and leaving an enduring legacy!!! Whew.

He's written a new book with Stewart Emery,of EST and Actualizations fame,and Jerry Poris, co-author with Jim Collins of the wildly famous Built to Last, about what makes for enduring success, how do you make for a sustainable life?

I've never seen a line up of endorsements of high profile global leaders for a book before. so whats up? seems he's hung the book around 3 core principles: Meaning - Passion - Action...

MEANING- making a difference for the sake of service, One thing that does last is love and meaning.

PASSION we do it despite what it gets done. a portfolio of passions.

ACTION- getting it all done!

What do you think? listen to the audio link to the left and weigh in on your definition of success in your life.