Christopher Avery

Photo credit: craig neal

Photo credit: craig neal

Teamwork Is An Individual Skill
Our recent VisionHolder, Christopher Avery asked us....
"What must we do together that is larger than any of us, requires all of us, and none of us can claim individual victory until it is done?" In his book, Teamwork Is An Individual Skill,  he writes that this is the first of five conversations that a successfull team must have. It addresses the question: What is our task? And satisfies the requirement that a team is a group of people brought together around a common goal or purpose. When a group is held in this conversation until they approach a shared clarity about the answer, then a remarkable shift in behavior begins organically and spontaneously. See more on Chris's Responsibility Process by clicking below....

About the Responsibility Process™
The Responsibility Process shows the mental path by which we avoid and take ownership for problems–i.e., how we avoid or take responsibility.

A break-through performance advantage for leadership, teamwork, growth, and change, the Responsibility Process demonstrates that responsibility is not merely a personality trait but instead is a learnable mental process that anyone can develop, any leader can tap into, and any culture can cultivate.

The keys to mastering Responsibility are:

  1. Intention – a mindset to operate from the mental position of Responsibility.
  2. Awareness – of when you are avoiding ownership so you can catch yourself.
  3. Confront – facing yourself and the truth about the effects of avoiding ownership.