Sustaining the Vision: A Commitment to a Dream

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

“I first dream the painting, then I paint the dream.” Visionary Laurie Brown says, "Commit. Commit to throw your hat over the fence.” -Vincent van Gogh

Thought Leader Conversation Starter Laurie Brown, Founder and President of Restore the Earth products, spoke to us at last week's MN TLG of how, over the past 15 years she has sustained her vision: recommitting over and over to a dream of creating products and lifestyles that would restore the earth/be generative for our communities, our planet.

John Kennedy, Jr. once said the key to making something happen is to “throw your hat over the fence”. With that you make a commitment to go over the fence and get it. Others become involved and there is no turning back.

Farber wrote that leadership is not for sissies—it is an extreme sport. There are great highs and great wipeouts. During the wipeouts, you learn something so you can catch a bigger wave next time. Each experience has helped me to reach higher and reach farther out.

I “threw my hat over the fence today”. I’m going to be the real me. I’m going to be generous. I’m going to pass the torch on the things I’m not strong at. Trust that the dream will go on. I brought the dream to the doorstep, the world is ready for it. I can sustain the vision well. I will let those who can take it to the next level, do it.

with Laurie Brown