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Photo Credit: Craig Neal

Photo Credit: Craig Neal

8/23/13: The Spiritual Collective Daily: Taste of Convening: scroll down to "Education"

8/6/13: Yorkshire Post: Business Diary: August 6
Have you ever been stuck in a meeting that went on for hours and achieved nothing? Well, Yorkshire-based leadership coach Tilla Brook says she is on a mission to banish unproductive, boring meetings.
She claims she is the “first certified convenor in the UK” – convening, as defined by Brook, is “the art and science of gathering and holding people for the sake of the best possible outcome”.

7/29/13 Kelly Castor @Velldr #FF Fantastic #Leadership resources from this week:@kevinjdean @mikemyatt @leadfearlessly @heartlandcircle

March 2013, CRISI E SVILUPPO MANAGERITALIA: The Art of Convening, or the art of managing meetings