Purpose Shared: The Magic of Purpose Shared

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We look at convening as purpose shared.

By Patricia Neal

Craig and I are having a blast hosting Zoominars on The Magic of Purpose Shared and introducing a new model for Convening the Purposeful Path to Commitment.


Purpose is an action verb.
Purpose alone is for the sake of what?
Convening alone is for the sake of what?
Convening is purpose shared.

At the heart of the matter of sharing your purpose is convening: the art and science of gathering and holding people in a safe and generative space, for the sake of authentic engagement, each time we invite people together, both virtually or in person.

Each Zoominar is an opportunity to explore together the why and how of bringing your purpose to shared action in the world. And finding a way towards committed and shared outcomes.

If you’d like to explore more about Whole Person Leadership, join us for an upcoming Zoominar on November 5
[45-minute Zoom + 15 minute Q&A]

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