Transformational Leadership: A Partnership of Science and Spirituality

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

From a participant reflecting on the Friday TLG: The entire philosophy, spirit of approach, the wonderful container for safe communication. To receive and give. To respect and be respected. Makes the whole experience feel sacred. It is a complete community.

Our Friday TLG with James O'Dea, of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, was rich. As Amy Lenzo noted in her Beauty Dialogues, James became the mesmerizing storyteller to lead us through stories of how human evolution is moving to integration with ourselves, our surroundings and all beings and how this can lead to a wisdom that creates wholeness for us and those around us.

Amy: The [story] that made the strongest impression on me was of Orpheus & his ability to counter the call of the deadly sirens (which O'Dea compared with the necrophiliac lure of cultural 'norms' like war and greed) with the enchantment of his own poetic imagination, with love of life or biophilia. The meaning I made of this story is that I can find solid ground in my innate love of life & my relationship with nature, that I must call on the power of my creativity to address the challenges of my life & times... and that new answers won't be found in old forms.

James called us to a heightened level of liveliness, invoking awareness that we are at a critical opening of consciousness in the human evolution:

You can participate in social healing in tangible ways.

  • Practice Imagination! That’s different from fantasy… imagination is the yearning, where neuro-plasticity exists, where the brain grows. Practice everyday richly imagining.
  • Learn to shift states. You can change your biological flow in seconds.
  • If I am stuck in judgment I am not seeking to understand. What do you need me to understand? It’s in that process that the juice arises.
  • Belief – comes from what you really love. When you no longer love it, be brave enough to change your belief.
  • Support emotional intelligence and social intelligence.
  • We are hard-wired for challenge. We are up to this moment. Don’t let the breakdown depress you, because we love a challenge, we rise to a challenge.