Integrity: Creating a World That Works for All

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

With the focus on integrity of action and intention, it was clear from the beginning of Friday's TLG that we were in the thick of a conversation essential to each of us. Steve Piersanti's journey to the founding and visioning of Berrett-Koehler invoked some of the following reflections:

"What if all it took to have sustainability was to have/hold integrity?" "It's a radical act to be integral, to hold on to what is true."

Heartland's vision has grown to include "...creating love in action." Our experience of Steve and the founding B-K vision of stewardship vs. ownership exuded love in action. Love for and inclusion of each stakeholder in the community: from authors, to staff, to suppliers, to readers.

Steve wove a story of a company committed to integrity in its very bones. In creating a world that works for all, B-K knows that change is needed at all levels: individual, organizational and societal. "We are committed to supporting a more enlightened world of work, both through our publications and through how our company is operated.... We have an open culture of sharing knowledge and resources."

When asked: "What most excites you about how B-K could manifest its vision in the next 10years?/How can we help B-K thrive?" Steve responded, "Going down the path of B-K being an inspiration and catalyst, a former of alliances, nexus of alliances. Getting out into the world through our relationships. That excites me."

Many thanks to Steve and all of you for an essential morning.