Using Convening to Transform Company Culture: June TLC

Photo Credit: Daniel Scotton

Photo Credit: Daniel Scotton

by Rachel Harris

With Mother’s Day recently passed, I arrived at work yesterday thinking about how to create a positive future for all people, whether their path takes them into the business world or not.  An equitable workplace is on my mind.  I worry that it might not be possible to spark shifts in company cultures that dissolve the glass ceiling for women and minorities.  And, I hope that such corporate transformations are already happening.  

At the upcoming TLC-Twin Cities, Heartland will convene a conversation inspired by news of the 5th Annual Minnesota Census of Women in Corporate Leadership.  

In this important annual conversation - relevant for anyone who is making forward-thinking business decisions, has a daughter or knows a woman rising through the ranks, Heartland and St. Catherine University will relay how company culture impacts women’s advancement in Minnesota.

There are several ways to participate:

  • Come for the morning session “Inclusive Leadership: Why Company Culture and Men Matter” ($99) and stay for lunch ($19) to extend the conversation.
  • Bring a colleague to continue the conversation afterward at the office!  2+ participants per company reduces the morning rate to $89/person.
  • Invite colleagues to attend the afternoon “Getting Your Life into Balance” Workshop ($75). People can participate in the Workshop separately from the morning.

June 10th will be a day of rich learning and action-oriented outcomes. We’d love to see you there. Regiser here.