Report from the Field: Dave Rapaport, Aveda Corporation

Photo Credit: Daniel Scotton

Photo Credit: Daniel Scotton

Welcome back! This is the second podcast in our new series: Report from the Field, where we focus on creating purpose in your life and work, and how convening with purpose creates the outcomes you want! Each podcast we invite an inspirational professional to share their experience with convening and purpose within their lives. 


Today CPL welcome's Dave Rapaport, Vice President of Earth and Community Care, Aveda Corporation. 

Recently, CPL worked with Dave and his team to develop a series of Earth Month meetings with the leadership at Aveda. Today we will hear Dave’s story about how he utilized convening practices to create collaborative outcomes. Thank you Dave, for your time and commitment to organizational excellence at Aveda! Check out the interview below or click the picture!

Click here to watch the interview [5:00 minutes]

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