Making Your Contribution in Powerful Times

Photo credit: craig neal

Photo credit: craig neal

From Bay Area team member Amy Lenzo, as posted on her journal, Beauty Dialogues:

We just finished another amazing Thought Leader Gathering on Friday, produced by the west coast Restoring Wholeness team of Heartland Circle, Resonance and myself - this one was held in San Francisco, in the Golden Gate Officer's Club at the Presidio.

Our conversation starter (so called because rather than a keynote speaker or presenter, their words are truly a spark to fire the group conversation) was Eamonn Kelly, CEO of the Global Business Network.

Eammon's perspective about the state of the world (outlined in his excellent new book, Powerful Times) was in complete accordance with my own, but he used such a different analytical matrix to get there that it had the effect of blowing the top off my conceptual limits and letting in more light, illuminating my understanding with different hues than I am usually aware of. I heard variations of this opening and quickening in others as we engaged with Eamonn's words in small group and whole circle conversations.

The group assembled for this TLG was one of our largest ever - 57 of us sitting in a circle around a centerpiece of beauty created by Pele Rouge of Resonance. We had to lean in a bit to hear each other at first, but with our 'outdoor voices' on it was soon effortless and the morning's experience was extremely full and rewarding, in the unique way this event has of creating magic for us all.

I am continually awed by what happens in these sessions... it seems that no matter who the conversation starter is, who shows up, what the weather or external conditions are, there is always 'something' that occurs to make the morning seem like a special gift to each of us. I have the feeling this one will be reverberating in me for some time...