Gratitude: How to quiet your brain

Photo Credit: Daniel Scotton

Photo Credit: Daniel Scotton

I loved this interview. Dr. Sood speaks to the power of gratitude.

Mayo Clinic stress expert Dr. Amit Sood joins The Daily Circuit to discuss the steps he recommends to lower stress and enjoy the holidays. Sood's upcoming book is "The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living."

• "The main challenge we are facing in the 21st century is a very busy brain. We're all overextended. I'm sure you have more than 20 passwords. You have perhaps a dozen or more bills to pay. Our ancestors didn't have that."

• "The three most important things in holidays are relationships, relationships and relationships. Binge on quality time with your loved ones.... Don't fall off the wellness and budget bandwagon. And do something to honor the tradition. This is a time of hope. This is a time of forgiveness. This is a time of gratitude. Be extra kind to yourself."

Beginners Mind as Bridge

In the Japanese tradition of Zen, there is reference to what is called Beginner's Mind by Master Shunryu Suzuki. When we "suspend certainty" we automatically ignite the energetic of Beginner's Mind which in turn opens us up to new possibilities and very likely will produce results in our meetings that might seem impossible to achieve. When we unwind our solidified certainties and beliefs, and simply take a moment to identify how they came to be, we shift our potential to co-create.

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Imagining ourselves into a world that works

PHoto credit: craig neal

PHoto credit: craig neal

What do we need to do to change the world?

Imagine ourselves into the future: imagine a vision for a world that works for most of the beings on the planet. Imagine that an ever-larger network of people each with an ever-larger network, can all connect to bring this vision to a critical mass.

It’s about waking up to see each other and take action together. It's about each of us finding our vision and bringing it to the world. Vision in action.

It's about relationships, connectedness, seeing no separation. We - can - do - this. Read this story to learn more about imagining as a tool to bring vision to action.

What are your imaginings, your stories, for how we will imagine ourselves into the future? Add your comments below!