Jim Carey introduces Ekhart Tolle

Photo credit: Craig Neal

Photo credit: Craig Neal

"Check out this video of Jim Carey introducing Tolle for his Ekhart Tolle TV on, AoC Grad, Amy Lenzo's blog.  I was intrigued by Jim Carey's ablility to be so funny and at the same time so sincere about the profundity of spiritual experience."

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The Art of VIRTUAL Convening- 10/25

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

The Art of VIRTUAL Convening

Authentic Engagement in a VIRTUAL environment

With Craig Neal, co-author of the upcoming book The Art of Convening: Authentic Engagement in Meetings, Gatherings, and Conversations

A Free Virtual 1-hour Workshop

TLG members

You may spend hours on the phone each day, in meetings and conversations. Are they heavy on the transactional, while light on the relationsional?  Join me while we learn and focus directly on virtual convening in this one-hour is a FREE Maestro TeleConference Workshop! (registration links below)

This could be a great opportunity to learn the aspects and practices we've been using in the current Art of Convening trainings and outlined in the upcoming book.

When: Monday, October 258am or 7pm (Central Time)

Who should attend? Anyone who conducts teleconferences or conversations over the telephone or internet. We who know the challenge and frustration in bringing a true sense of connectedness and authenticity to a virtual environment where people cannot see each other and are often multitasking or reluctant to jump in. This 1 hour workshop will demonstrate how to bring a sense of community to a virtual environment using the principles and practices of the AoC Convener. (read more on our webpage)