Purpose Moment

Photo Credit: Craig Neal

Photo Credit: Craig Neal

Message for 2018 from Craig & Patricia


Purpose Moment


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Purpose Moment

Purpose Moment

Purpose Moment


A Purpose Moment


A Purpose Moment

A Purpose Moment


A Purpose Moment

A Purpose Moment

And the sun rose...


An offering from Craig: A Minneapolis/ Lake Calhoun sunrise ...

Wednesday Wisdom (or Wit) from Heartland: Your Life Catches Fire


John Squadrea, from The Compass of the Rose

When you die to what

you thought was true

everything in your life catches fire.

You are the instrument

not the music

If you think you are the music

you will stop at

the final bar

If you become an instrument

for the music,

you will go on playing

no matter where you are

or who’s conducting

the gig is never over. 

The heart is always singing


The mind is always shouting


Between the two

we come and go

safe on the solid shore of maybe. 

The Joy of Quiet

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

Now for something completely different.

"The Joy of Quiet" 

The Time for Heretics

Photo Credit: Craig Neal

Photo Credit: Craig Neal

Patricia, Wow. Not one to tend toward hyperbole, I have to say this was a mind-shifting, soul-changing conversation tonight with Mr. Kelly.  Amazing, amazing. Thank you so much!!!  -Maura in Portland

our heart's earnest striving

photo credit: craig neal

photo credit: craig neal

"When we create the space within to truly listen to our heart's earnest striving, the voice that emerges is our own, clear and pure. It speaks of a yearning to share our love." -Craig

VisionHolder Interview w/Peter Block

Photo credit: craig neal

Photo credit: craig neal

Join us Tuesday April 16, when Craig interviews Peter Block in our  VisionHolder Series. 

Community: The Structure of Belonging

with Peter Block, Author, Consultant and Partner, Designed Learning

April 16: VisionHolder Interview Call, 7pm - 8pm CT

Peter articulates a potent design for creating living communities whenever and wherever people gather, through the realization that everyday acts of citizenship are acts of leadership.


Registrations for the VH call on April 16 have been unprecedented. This time, we asked registrants to tell us what they hoped to get out of the call. A tiny sample of responses so far:

"Finding out what Peter considers to be everyday acts of citizenship, more detail about the design for creating living communities, what is his personal experience out of which came this new book."

"Essence of Peter Block--I don't even care what he says, I just like listening to him."

"I spent the first 20 years of my career as a grassroots community organizer, and the past 8 years as an organization consultant. I'm very interested in the intersection of those two worlds. I'm looking forward to hearing Peter's insights."

"A knowing of Peter deeper than knowing him from reading 'The Answer to How is Yes.' Getting additional thoughts provoked for me before heading into the Spring Ceremony weekend"